Ade Adetukasi MCIPD is the founder of OHC Solutions and a People and Organisational Development specialist. Before setting up OHC Solutions, Ade worked as Head of People and Organisational Development at NHS Barking and Dagenham and was a member of the Executive Team. With over 17 years’ Human Resources Management experience, he has worked in the private, not-for-profit and also public sectors. He has provided Human Resources and Organisational Development services both on a national and international level. Ade has first hand leadership experience and has led various teams and departments. He also has Board level experience and serves as an external adviser on people and organisational issue to a number of organisations. Ade holds an MSc in Strategic Human Resources Management and is a skilled facilitator. He takes a radical approach in helping individuals and organisations improve their performance. His views and approach are based on his learning and transitions from practical experience. Ade’s exposure has giving him deep insight in the complex interactions between employees, leadership and organisational systems. This has also changed his views on what is critical for high performance.